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The ride that inspired me to travel more is the Athirappilli-Valparai road, the famous Seventh Heaven. I started from Kochi at 11pm aiming to see sunrise at Valparai. That's all I had in mind. I went through Palakkad to enter from the Valparai end. Athirappilli side is closer to Kochi, but the checkpost on this side won't open till 6am and that's why I chose to enter from the other side. Rode through Palakkad and reached the checkpost of Annamalai tiger reserve at 2am. At this point, I realised the result of not studying your route properly. I hadn't noticed the tiger reserve on the map, untill I reached there. I never turn back once I set out and I kept going. The road was foggy and there were deers all along the route with the thumping of my Classic 350 echoing throughout the high range. I reached Valparai at around 5am. Rested for a bit and resumed riding at the break of dawn. Witnessed the sunrise on my left side, with the chirping of the birds, whistling of the morning breeze and the thumping of Blue, my bike; No other sound was there to interfere in this beautiful rhythm. This is the best 2 hour stretch to ride if you love to cherish the route you ride through. The experience can merely be expressed in words. At that moment, I understood, a destination is alot more than just a name or a route you get on the maps. The journey itself has its own life and is unique in its own way. The ability to embrace that feeling is divine. In that moment, I realized my passion to throttle more and to explore more. This is when the The Motodragon came into existence. I rode onwards as a changed person with a clearer vision of what I wanted to do with my life and deeper insight on my endurance as a rider. I reached home around 12 in the noon with all the memories and thoughts echoing in my head, with just one question to answer - Where to next?


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