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The Motodragon

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Sagar Sreekumar Pillai

Sagar Sreekumar Pillai, the 1996 born multi-faceted professional, hailing from Kochi, Kerala, goes by the alias 'The Motodragon'. As a professional rider who promotes safe biking , he belongs to the Pan-India riding community called Throttle 'N' Explore and is backed by Sreekumar S. and Bright Kooliath of Road Monks, Kochi and Nithin G.R. , CEO of Grandpitstop. He is mentored by Nikhil Bothra, Founder, Throttle N Explore and Adv.Dr.Aneesh V. Pillai, Director, Manamcheril Associates. Approved by India Book of Records, he currently holds the record for South India Solo Expedition upon successfully riding across five states and one Union Territory of South India covering 3871 km in 6days 11 Hours 28 min.
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