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My friend Ananthu and I left Muniyattukunn hillock at around 8am, and headed to Chokkana which is a little deviation from the route to Chimmini Dam. The route had rubber plantations on either side with the golden rays of the sun slipping through the spaces between the thronged leafy branches above us. Soon we were out of the plantation stretch, where either side of roads were filled with green patches of bushes and creepers. As we rode tracing the little bents of the tarmac, we could see the misty majestic mountains of Athirappilli-to-Valparai route afar. Geographically this place is located on the side of reserve forests of Athirappilli-Valparai route. We also saw a herd of elephants at a distance; which, as I recall, is a normal sight in the locality according to Ananthu. This stretch alone will take around 10-15min to cover and trust me, every second is amazing in its own way. As we rode on, we again entered a stretch filled with trees and my eye caught a beatiful stream flowing a little beneath us. We parked our bikes and got down to the stream. The water was so clear that you can see the pebbles on the river bed.

After spending some time there and we rode back by 10am, but this time through a different route, to throttle and explore a little more....


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